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        China Academy of Building Research
        30#, Bei San Huan Dong Lu
          National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Construction Engineering
        Caption of the pictures
        Building structure
        Building product and material
        Building energy efficiency & thermal insulation materials
        Building door, window and curtain wall

        Building foundation
        Building daylighting and illumination
        Building fire prevention
        Building and regional environment vibration
        Building acoustics
        Building decoration waterproof engineering
        Indoor environment and harmful substance of
        building materials
        Air conditioning cleaning
        Intelligent building
        Water supply and drainage of building
        Building construction machinery
          National Center for Quality Supervision and
        Inspection of Air Conditioning Equipment
        Refrigeration equipment
        Combined air conditioning sets
        Duct enthalpy potential method
        Duct and air conditioning fittings
        Fan coil unit
        Room air-conditioner
        Indoor air quality
        Electric appliance safety
        Air filter
        Refrigeration air conditioning system
        Heating radiator
          National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Elevators
        Passenger elevator, cargo elevator, hydraulic elevator, elevator fittings
        Escalator and moving pavement, multi-layer parking
        system etc
        Construction lift, tower crane, aerial working cradle
        Aerial working machinery
          National Center for Testing of Chemical Building Materials
        Building coating materials, building putty
        Building sealing gum, silicone-ketone structure sealing gum, strengthening structure gum
        Building adhesive
        Waterproof materials
        Plastic pipelines and pipe fittings, plastic window, door and profile materials
        Artificial board used in building decoration
        Harmful substances in various building materials
          National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Solar Water Heater
        Solar heating system
        Solar water heater system
        Solar energy collector
        Elements and materials of solar
        energy collector
        Technical investigation on the building fire and collapse accident in Hengyang, Hunan Province
        Site inspection of 2# Launching Tower in Xichang Satellite Launching Center
        Performance testing on the combined air conditioning sets produced by seven factories including Fengshen, Sinko, York, Jirong, Shenling and Carrier.
        Elevator experimental tower
        Xenon aging test chamber for chemical building materials
        Solar water heater system experiment
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